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Ücretsiz Emlak Ilan - Bedava

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Evbazar.com Membership

Welcome to evbazar.com.

Real Estate Agent / Construction Company Membership Information.

To register with us and advertise your properties online, please fill in the form on the following page, then proceed to the payment portal.

Why be a member of evbazar.com ?




·    You have you own web-page

·    The buyer deals directly with you

·    You can get a free e-mail account to use for the time you are advertising with evbazar.com

·    Up load unlimited properties for sale, rent or holiday rental, with space for 10 photos

·    We provide pre-translated text so communication will be easier

·    Each Property has a 'hit-counter' so you can see who many people have looked at it

·    We provide you with legal forms

·    We keep you up to date with laws

·    We give you great educational tools like

·         How to photograph a property

·         How to present yourself professionally

·         Advertising strategies

·         And many more


evbazar.com wants to help you do business, simply, easily, affordably and professionally.



Please note that prices are in Australian Dollars. We have provided a currency converter for your reference.
1 Australian Dollars = YTL (New Turkish Liras).
Evbazar.com wants to make it easy and affordable for you to advertise your properties with us.

The prices below entitle you to advertise
unlimited properties for sale or rent.

To qualify for Agent's Membership you must be a registered Real Estate (Emlak) or Construction (Insaat) company, and provide evbazar.com with your registered business name and tax number (these details need to be entered with your registration form).



1 Month - AU$ 20


2 Months - AU$ 40


3 Months - AU$ 60


6 Months - AU$ 120


12 Months - AU$ 240


The opening special prices apply from January 1 2006 until December 31 2006 only.



Normal Prices- Valid 2007, onward.

1 Month - AU$ 40

Starting from 6 months
Discount 40AU$
Discount 120AU$

2 Month - AU$ 80

3 Month - AU$ 120

6 Month - AU$ 200

12 Month - AU$ 360


BANNER and FEATURE Advertising rates are available on request. Contact Us


Membership Details

You have your own web-page

You will have you own web page, displaying every property you are advertising with us, and your full contact details. Anyone searching the web will be able to find your page, look at your properties and then see the details.


The buyer deals directly with you

You have complete control over your properties - once you submit a property, and a buyer / renter selects to view the details, they will get your contact information. That means they deal directly with you.


You can get a free e-mail account

We can provide a free email account for your company, which you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer on the internet, valid for the time you are advertising with us.

  If you would like an email address for use during the time you advertise with evbazar.com, please contact us at info@evbazar.com after you register.


Upload unlimited properties for sale, rent or holiday rental

You will have unlimited uploads of properties for sale, rent or holiday rental. Any and every property you have can be advertised on evbazar.com. The site aims to cover all properties in all price ranges. Each property can have up to 10 photos displayed with it.

We provide pre-translated text

We provide pre-translated text so that any foreigner interested in a property can write to you directly. This makes sales to the European Market so much easier.


Each Property has a 'hit-counter'

We will provide a "Hit-Counter" for each property, so at any time, you can see how many people have looked at your properties.


We provide you with legal forms

We provide you with legal forms such as contracts of sale, rental conditions, and contract to rent, so all you have to do is fill in the details and print.


We keep you up to date with laws

You will also find Governmental information and laws, including updates if they change.


We give you great educational tools

We provide useful information, such as the best ways to present your properties for sale, how to show properties, how to photograph properties.


We list trades and services providers in the area

We provide advertisements for trades' people in the local area, so that any repairs or maintenance you or your customers need is only an email away.

evbazar.com wants to help you do business, simply, easily, affordably and professionally.


Steps for becoming a member

You will be asked to fill in a form with your details, and details of your business. You will be asked to create a user-name, and select a password. You will then be asked to select which membership plan is right for you - (1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months).

Once you have filled in all the necessary details, you will then go through our secure credit card payment, provided by Paypal. (please see our privacy policy).

Once this process is complete, you will be able to activate your account and then access your own agent page, and start to upload your properties.

When you have successfully become a member, your evbazar.com Agents Page is simple to use:

When you log on to your member page using the username and password you choose on the registration form, uploading properties is quick and easy. You simply fill in the form and then attach pictures. Once your property is on our data-base, you can edit or delete your listings on line, from any computer. All you need to do is log in, view your properties and click edit/delete.



Payment is via Credit Card over a secure site, processed by Paypal.

evbazar.com will never give or sell your private information to third parties. For more information on how evbazar.com uses and stores your personal information, please see our privacy policy.


Refund Policy.

Any member wishing to cancel membership and receive a refund should inform evbazar.com via email before the last week of the calendar month for cancellation of the following months membership.

Refund Policy applies only to membership purchased after 1 July 2006.

evbazar.com will refund the unused period of time, calculating the used time at the undiscounted price of AU$ 40 per month.

Cancellation and/or bank transfer costs will be taken out of the refund, and exchange rate will be that of the day of refund.

Refunds will not be given for under 3 months membership.

The chart below outlines the monthly charges and refund available.


Months Membership

Charges per Month (As per refund schedule)


Refund from 12 Month Membership at AU$360

Refund from 6 Month Membership at AU$200


$AU 40


AU$ 320

AU$ 160

2 Months

$AU 80


AU$ 280

AU$ 140

3 months

$AU 120


AU$ 240

AU$ 100

4 Months

$AU 160


AU$ 200

AU$ 60

5 Months

$AU 200


AU$ 160

AU$ 20

6 Months

$AU 240


AU$ 120

AU$ Nil

7 Months

$AU 280


AU$ 80


8 Months

$AU 320


AU$ 40


9 Months

$AU 360


AU$ Nil


10 Months

$AU 400


AU$ Nil



$AU 440


AU$ Nil


12 Months

$AU 480


AU$ Nil



  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the evbazar.com refund policy.

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